Recent Projects

Network Sense: Methods for Visualizing Disciplinary Patterns is an in-progress book manuscript under contract with the Colorado State University Open Press's #writing Series.

Cross-Border Networks in Writing Studies is a collaborative monograph (with Louise Phelps, Andrea Williams, and Jen Clary-Lemon), released in March 2017 by Inkshed/Parlor.

In March 2016, I presented "Disciplinary Discourse Networks 1984/2014" as the Peck Composition Series Speaker at Middle Tennessee State University.

What's Next

In Winter 2017 I am teaching a graduate seminar, WRTG540: Visual Rhetoric and Information Design, which considers visual-rhetorical practices and methodologies. Lines of sight include Roland Barthes' Camera Lucida, Johanna Drucker's Graphesis, Lynda Barry's Syllabus, and Nick Sousanis' Unflattening.

On Friday, March 3, I gave a talk and led a workshop, "Standing on the Shoulders of Networks," at Wayne State University. The talk focused on datavisual modeling as a catalyst for network sense in disciplinary contexts. Generated out of a concern for the shifting conditions of disciplinary initiation for newcomers, network sense foregrounds apprenticeship as distributed among collectives that include scholarly materials, activities, and practices.